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Simply defined… "Food Brokers sell and market products". If you need a way to get your product into a new market and/or your goal is to have your product on the shelves of major supermarket chains in Canada, A. S. May Powell would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and the services we provide.
What does a Food broker do?
Represents your products to a variety of prospective buyers. These buyers could be retail grocery chains, drug chains, mass merchandisers and independent stores. To sell your product and achieve a listing, a broker will make presentations to the head office of these chains; most decisions are made at regional headquarters. Once a product is listed, then the broker will schedule promotions, keep communication with head office to ensure direct feedback and co–ordination between head office and retail accounts.
The key benefit of A.S. May Powell is a cost effective full infrastructure that provides a Sales force with trade relationships to secure sales and distribution of your Brand into the Ontario and National markets. Sales & Marketing, retail market coverage, head office contact, data collection services and reporting are also part of our infrastructure.
We can assist you with your needs and goals for your product.
Your success is our success and together wež†≠ake it happen.
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