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ASMP strongly believes in developing close and personal relationships with store personnel. We also have a unique program that promotes appreciation, which is beneficial for our clients and our customers. Our selling approach is about our customers making money. We provide the tools to help them make in store listings and display decisions. Itís about a long–term support relationship.
Our Mantis™ data collection at store level is added value to our clients and customers. Communication is key we use today’s technology to stay close on our business via – Internet, voicemail, conference calls, regional⁄home office meetings and Mantis. Reporting on product distribution and opportunities with our access to Wal-Mart’s Retail Link and our internet based retail data collection system – we can actually say "here’s what’s happening at store level today".
Our dedicated Retail team covers the entire Ontario market. They provide execution of new product launches, cross promotions, displays and data collection. Mantis Data collection from the Territory Managers enables to us provide feedback on a "real time" basis. We encourage our Territory Managers to provide feedback on innovative concepts on cross promotions, displays and selling tools, in addition to competitor information, retails and changes at store level.

Did you know that retail service companies with 2+ years of handheld technology outperform those without it by a factor of 2 to 1?
Metaworks Inc. is proud to be AS May Powell’s software technology partner. Mantis™ from Metaworks provides the cornerstone to ASMP’s position as one of Canada’s premiere merchandising firms. With Mantis, AS May is able to easily distribute and manage the flow of information between the field and head office. Program execution improves with near–time communication, directed assignments, and rapid consistent reporting to management and to you, the client.

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