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Brilliant on the Basics
Our Selling Philosophy:
  • We work with our clients (Principals) to develop the opportunity
    – a roadmap from a selling conception to a Head Office and store level execution.
  • It’s about positioning the role of your product with our customers. Answering the question: How will this product benefit my business?
  • It’s about positioning your product with our customers, cognizant of their business, challenges, opportunities, objectives and strategies.
  • It’s about helping our customers get what they want…
    with our commitment and your commitment to their success.
  • A. S. May Powell has its own unique roadmap to develop new promotional ideas, launches, client and customer appreciation events.
Using our philosophy… Can you envision mutual success and our customers feeling very good about their decisions to list, promote and grow their business?
The right product… identifying the right role with the right execution at the right time with the right retail and the right promotion is what makes the right profit… guarantees mutual success.
How Does A. S. May Powell Manage Your Business?
  • Account Managers – Head Office and client liaisons
  • Sales and Marketing team – Retail Resource Manager and Brand Development Manager
  • Retail Coverage – Retail Sales Manager and Territory Sales Managers
  • Retail Data Collection System – Mantis
  • Logistics
  • Buy–sell
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